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Compliance docs for your GDPR Privacy Policy in two minutes

Generate a Terms of Service and GDPR Privacy Policy statement. Our mobile app privacy pack includes:

  • Tick inside a circle GDPR & CCPA Ready, Tailored Privacy Policy for your GDPR Privacy Policy
  • Tick inside a circle Cookie Policy
  • Tick inside a circle Terms of Use
  • Tick inside a circle Acceptable Use Policy

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We take care of the paperwork so you can get back to business

GetTerms makes it easy to generate your own customized GDPR-ready policies for your website or apps.

Privacy Policy

Create your own custom GDPR-ready privacy policy based on the nature of your business, written in language your audience can understand.

Terms of Service

A standard Terms of Service document is included with every generated GDPR-ready policy to make it easy to get started with your website policies.

Cookie Policy

Get GDPR-ready — outline in plain english to your audience how your website uses cookies and what they are for.

Acceptable Use Policy

For Comprehensive packs, the included Acceptable Use Policy is an optional document that determines how your website is used.

Image for Written for humans, reviewed by lawyers

Written for humans, reviewed by lawyers

We’ve invested in making our generated policies easy to read, while ensuring they meet the high standards you would pay thousands for elsewhere.

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Covering USA, EU, UK & AU privacy law

GDPR & CCPA ready out of the box. We’ve tailored the Comprehensive policy to suit your website regardless of whether you’re in the USA, Europe, UK or Australia.

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Affordable, simple pricing

Save thousands in legal fees and generate your privacy policy with ease. We accept major credit cards.

For any kind of online business

Generate a GDPR-ready privacy policy customized to the needs of your business.

Mobile Apps

Developing an App for iOS or Android? Generate a custom Privacy Policy for your app in 2 minutes.

Mobile App Privacy Policy


Help your customers shop with confidence, with a plain-speaking Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Terms of Service.

eCommerce Privacy Policy

SaaS / Web Apps

Collecting personal information? Generate an easy to read policy your users can understand.

Web App Privacy Policy

Blogs & News Sites

Provide a clear and simple Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Terms of Use for your audience.

Blog Privacy Policy

Loved by thousands of online businesses, just like yours.

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Great service and extremely easy to use. Saves you from stressful thinking and saves lots of time.

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Thank you guys for making this so easy for my new website. I really appreciate you♥


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So easy to use. I plan on recommending it to all of my clients.


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Thank you Getterms! So easy to use and super handy for beginners :)

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So quick and easy. Saved me tons of time, when I have lots of projects going on. One less headache.



Very easy to use. Much better experience than other online services with hidden fees

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A fantastic service I've used a few times now for various websites. I keep coming back because it is easy, comprehensive, and reasonably priced.


Super fast and efficient. Thanks for saving me a headache


Absolutely easy to use. Loved everything about this service!


Absolutely outstanding. quick and painless experience. Lovely to have something so worthwhile given to you free of charge and no strings attached. Thank you so much!


Just amazing! I'm blown away how easy it was to generate a professional privacy policy, cookie policy and terms of service policy.


Do What You Can't

I'm incredibly impressed in both the value and quality of service this policy generating service provides! This saved me SO much time and money!

HDMI Expert

Pixel Pro UK

This was so easy to use. Absolutely Great Thanks, saved me quite a lot of time and effort in having to try and come up with my own words on a subject I knew very little about :)

Alexander Hayes

Brilliant! I keep returning to generate new policies with my clients. A comprehensive and excellently presented service.


Peak n Pedal Sports

Quick, painless and economical way for our little enterprise to be compliant!


Perfect. Easy. Acceptable price. Well written. Fast.


Saves me $1000 of dollars in Law fees. And helps me understand polices in an easy to digest way


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This was so easy. And for that I'm grateful. This is my first website and OMG the learning curve!!! This was exactly what we need to get started. I will be back for more!

Cheri Watson

I was looking for a quick and easy policy creator and this is it. You input your information and they simply apply it to the policy.


Are you kidding me?!?! This service is great! I'm a first time app builder and no one tells you about all the small stuff that you need. GetTerms had just what I needed to publish a solid privacy and terms of service statement.

Ellie Alvarado

What a time saver! This service took the hassle out of drafting Policy as well as Terms and Conditions out for myself. Thank you.


Super quick and just what I needed, didn't have to spend more than 5 minutes creating and deploying my privacy policy which is how it should be.

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Wow - too easy - you need to pay your handsome squirrels a bonus - they're working overtime!

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Hammer Lane Industries

Super easy and simple to complete! Finally a policy generator that makes sense, is easy to use and friendly!

Tony Brown

Quick & Easy for my simple needs. And, completely free. No catches like other terms generators.

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This was an amazing experience and they have great support!

About is a website and app privacy policy generator, based on typical, reasonable and fair use of information. Generate a GDPR-ready privacy policy for your website, web app or mobile app, ready to adapt to your needs. For the best privacy policy generator, choose for your:

Questions, answered.

A GDPR Privacy Policy is a statement of your business’s approach to privacy in compliance with the EU regulation. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, a set of rules within European Union (EU) law, introduced in 2018, to give people more control over their personal information. By using our GDPR privacy policy generator and making it accessible to your users, you can rest assured that you have basic protection by limiting your liability and clarifying your rights.

The easiest way to meet the GDPR’s transparency requirement is to publish a comprehensive account of your organisation’s privacy policy, letting users know how you handle personal information. Your policy should be written in simple, plain-speaking language your audience can understand, and cover areas such as what you regard as personal information, how you collect and store this information, who you share it with, what your users’ rights are concerning their information, and who in your organization they can contact with any questions, complaints or requests for more details. Our GDPR privacy policy generator covers all these areas - simply fill out the form to get started.

The GDPR applies to businesses:

  • established in the EU, regardless of whether personal data is processed in the EU;
  • not established in the EU but that offers goods or services to EU-based individuals (free or paid); or
  • not established in the EU that monitor EU residents’ behaviour.

The GDPR most likely affects you in some way if you:

  • you get data processed in the EU or EEA;
  • you take data processing directions from someone in the EU or EEA;
  • you export data out of the EU or EEA;
  • you import data into the EU or EEA; or
  • you collect information from someone in the EU or EEA.

No. provides GDPR compliant privacy policy examples and templates that may be used without credit or a link back. Our free GDPR privacy policy generators are also available for a quicker, more convenient option. If necessary, you are welcome to change and adapt the content for your specific purpose.