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Why do I need a privacy policy?

Understanding and respecting privacy is more important than ever in our increasingly public digital world. Depending on where you and your business operate, you may be required by law to provide a privacy policy outlining how you collect, store and share (and safeguard) private information.

Additionally, some content services and third-party platforms may request a privacy policy before they agree to work with you. Instagram, for example, asks for a link to your privacy policy when you request full access for your app. And some digital marketplaces, such as Google Play, require a privacy policy for any app that handles personal or sensitive user data.

In any case, it’s generally good practice to create a privacy policy for your organization and publish it in conjunction with your services, especially if you collect data from your users that may be used to identify them — for example, personal details, contact details, account info, or browsing habits via website cookies.

Our basic privacy policy statement covers general circumstances common to most websites. We recommend this version for websites and businesses who don't collect much information (if at all), don't use cookies (or are not obliged to share their cookie policy), and do not share information with third parties.

Our comprehensive privacy policy template offers more specific customizations, including specific policy content around cookie practices and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Generate a privacy policy now.